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Disability, Inclusion and Rehabilitation

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Emerging Programs in Global Health

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Gender and Women’s Health

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Health Systems Governance and Financing

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One Health

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Social & Cultural Dimensions of Health Systems

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Honorary staff

Honorary appointees are highly valued members of the Nossal Institute.  Our relationship with our honorary staff is one of mutual benefit in which the Institute benefits from the knowledge, skills and influence of the honorary staff member while the honorary staff member benefits from the opportunities, resources and reputation of the Institute.

Our current  honorary appointees are listed below.

Mr Brendan Allen
Ms Judith Ascroft
Miss Zahra Aziz
Ms Sally Baker
Mr Christopher Bates
A/Prof James Black
PROF Graham Brown
Mr Samual Byfield
Ms Bethany Carr
Dr Kit Yee Chan
Prof John Crofts
Dr Fabrizio D'Esposito
Dr Gillian Dalgetty
Miss Allissa Desloge
A/Prof Peter Deutschmann
Ms Helen Evans
Ms Naomi Francis
Dr Danielle Green
Mrs Eunju Gweon
Dr Indrajit Hazarika
Dr David Hipgrave
Dr Wendy Holmes
Prof Caroline Homer
Dr Krishna Hort
A/Prof Ian Howie
Dr Leslie Johnson
Dr Muhammad Karim
A/Prof Michelle Kermode
Mr Rial Kidson
Mr Jongseok Kim

Mrs Kyunghui Kim
Dr Sundeep Manoth
Dr Kaaren Mathias
Dr Jane Maxwell
Dr Timothy Moore
A/Prof Alison Morgan
Dr Christopher Morgan
Dr Debbie Muirhead
Dr Michael Palmer
Prof George Patton
Prof Susan Sawyer
Dr Shilanthi Seneviratne
A/Prof George Shakarishvili
A/Prof Kabir Sheikh
Ms Bethanne Slatyer
Dr Simon Slota-Kan
Prof Richard Southby
Ms Elizabeth Sprunt
A/Prof Robyn Tapp
Dr K R Thankappan
Dr Badri Thapa
Dr Chamila Thilakarathne
Dr Sathish Thirunavukkarasu
Dr Nicholas Thomson
Ms Stephanie Topp
Ms Nicole Turner
Dr Joshua Vogel
Dr Helen Louise Walls
Dr Yang Zhao