Our People


Professor Barbara McPake

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Unit Heads

Professor Peter Annear
Head, Health Systems Governance and Finance Unit (HSGF)

Dr Alex Robinson
Head, Disability Inclusion for Health and Development Unit (DIHD)

Dr Alison Morgan
Head, Maternal, Sexual and Reproductive Health Unit (MSRH)

Dr Linda Bennett 
Head, Education and Learning Unit (E&L)

Team members

Matt Ralston
Chief Operating Officer

Shakiba Akbari
Program Officer, E&L

Sally Baker
NIL Associate, DIHD

Prabathi Basnayake
Technical Advisor, HSGF

Bronwyn Bell
Executive Assistant to the Director

Associate Professor Grant Blashki
Associate Professor

Gillian Dalgety
NIL Associate, HSGF

Prarthna Dayal
Senior Technical Advisor, MSRH

Alex Devine
Senior Research Officer, DIHD

Misha Coleman
Executive Director, Global Health Alliance

Shabaz Fattah
Program Officer, Programs

Lisa Fitzgerald
Senior Program Officer, Programs

Katherine Gilbert
Senior Technical Advisor, HSGF

Rebecca Gracey
Institute Manager

Dr Nathan Grills
Associate Professor, HSGF

James Hamlet
Program Officer, E&L

Dr Krishna Hort
Senior Technical Consultant

Mohammed Hoque
Research Fellow, MSRH

Associate Professor Michelle Kermode
Associate Professor, MSRH

Tiffany Kwan
Business Support Coordinator

Lana Logam
Program Officer, E&L

Professor Ajay Mahal
Professor, HSGF

Dr Manjula Marella
Research Fellow, MSRH

Dr Janie Maxwell
General Practice Registrar

Dr Timothy Moore
Senior Technical Consultant

Arden Nelson
Finance Officer

Dr Liem Nguyen
Senior Technical Advisor, DIHD

Nita Okoko
Program Officer, E&L

Mario Pereira
Manager, Finance

Dr Bridget Pratt
Research Fellow, HSGF

Dr Wesley Pryor
Senior Technical Advisor, DIHD

Dr Matthew Reeve
Technical Advisor, MSRH

Associate Professor Tilman Ruff
Associate Professor

Christina Savic
Senior Program Officer, Programs

Fleur Smith
Technical Advisor, DIHD

Beth Sprunt
Senior Technical Advisor, DIHD

Natalie Stephens
Programs Manager, Programs

Brigitte Tenni
Senior Technical Advisor, MSRH

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