Hamzullah Elham

Coordinator – Projects

Hamzullah Elham

Hamzullah has extensive experience in project and financial management working with INGO CARE International in Afghanistan Education Program - Empowerment through Education in Afghanistan, Scholarship and Lower Secondary Community based Education projects, with a long-standing background and track record of initiative and dependability.

Hamzullah has strong skills in developing project scoping documents including budgets, concept notes, proposals, logical frameworks, and preparing financial reports, and is highly organized and detail-oriented. Hamzullah has contributed to the planning, management, monitoring and evaluation, and cost control of team efforts and business improvements. He helped to support girls’ and women’s empowerment, and advocate for the basic rights of girls’ education and women’s engagement in peacebuilding. Hamzullah is progressive-minded and in tune with new developments in his field. He has proven to be effective and collaborative with strong time-management talents. Hamzullah enjoys collective brainstorming sessions which allow coordination of activities to achieve a common goal.

Hamzullah has a Bachelor of Economics in Human Resource Management and an Associate Degree in Public Administration and has also completed a Master of Project Management with the National Institute of Business Management India.

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