About Us

"Barbara McPake"

Welcome by the Director

Originally from the UK, Professor Barbara McPake joined the Nossal Institute in 2014.


About the Nossal Institute

The Nossal Institute works on practical solutions to pressing global concerns. We combine real-world experience with the scientific rigour of one of the world’s top universities. Our big picture perspective helps us to understand complexity and change and to integrate that understanding into country and regional strategies.

We support regional and global partners committed to transforming our world, working holistically towards relevant, resilient and inclusive health systems and meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.



Our People

Nossal has been a hub of global health expertise for more than 20 years. We are a multi-disciplinary team of applied researchers with global expertise, knowledge and skills. We draw on academic and professional expertise from a broad range of disciplines, sectors and regions.


Gustav Nossal

Our founder Sir Gustav Nossal

The Institute is named after internationally renowned immunologist Sir Gustav Nossal, one of Australia’s most dynamic scientific leaders and passionate advocate for the public health of vulnerable communities.