Amanda Blair

Exploring the current state of Australia’s postnatal care guidelines and quality of care measures.

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After working as a physiotherapist in Sydney and California, Amanda completed her Master of Public Health degree with a specialisation in program evaluation. Her key research interests include disability health, and maternal and child health.

As part of her public health degree, Amanda undertook a research project with the Burnet Institute’s Global Women’s and Newborn’s Health group, performing a scoping review that explored women with physical disabilities experiences of maternity care.

The way postnatal care is delivered varies greatly across Australia. Consistent clinical guidelines and measures of care quality will assist in standardising high-quality, evidence-based care delivered across Australia.

Amanda's PhD research looks at what guidelines are available in Australia to inform the delivery of postnatal services (care of women and newborns in the weeks after childbirth) and how we measure and how we could measure, quality of postnatal care in Australia. This research works towards developing consistency in Australia’s postnatal guidelines and quality of care measures.

PhD Supervisor

Professor Joshua Vogel


Professor Caroline Homer AO

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