Ebony Johanna Verbunt

Thesis title

Improving the management of women experiencing anaemia in pregnancy: A case-study of Bangladesh

Description of PhD Project

Women experiencing anaemia in pregnancy is a stagnant global health problem, causing diverse health consequences for the woman and foetus. The burden of anaemia is experienced disproportionately, with women in low-and middle-income countries and communities in WHO South-East Asia Region and WHO Africa Region most affected. In Bangladesh, a country part of WHO South-East Asia Region, 42% of pregnant women experience anaemia. This is despite oral iron and folic acid tablets being provided for free as part of routine antenatal care at government health care facilities since 2001.

This body of work aims to address gaps in the evidence that could improve the management of women experiencing anaemia in pregnancy, particularly in the low-and middle-income country Bangladesh.


Dr Khic-Houy Prang
Associate Professor Meghan Bohren
Professor Cathy Vaughan


Ebony is a PhD Candidate and Research Assistant at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health. Her research interests include global health, maternal and child health, and implementation science. Ebony has a Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology and Psychology) and a Master of Public Health from the University of Melbourne.


University of Melbourne Human Rights Scholarship

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