Ankita Anand

Human Resources Manager

Ankita Anand

Ankita Anand is an empathetic HR leader, adept at blending strategic vision with hands-on execution to deliver impactful HR solutions that drive organisational success and enhance employee satisfaction. Her passion lies in cultivating a workplace culture where every individual feels empowered, valued, and motivated to contribute their best to the organisation's success.

Ankita has extensive experience in employment relations, industrial relations, and management training. Her expertise in talent acquisition, performance management, training, and HR policy development allows her to drive continuous improvement and optimise HR operations.

Committed to goals larger than individual achievements, Ankita believes in making a positive impact. She is dedicated to fostering an environment where employees thrive, promoting a culture of collaboration, innovation, and excellence. Her dedication to professional development and her ability to align HR strategies with organisational goals make her an invaluable asset to the Nossal Institute team.

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