Sarah Simpson

Senior Technical Advisor

Sarah Simpson smiles at the camera

Sarah Simpson has extensive experience of working in health and social policy development, and program and project management in a range of diverse country and health policy contexts. As an employee and consultant to the World Health Organization (WHO) (globally and in the African, European and Western Pacific regions) she has worked directly with countries to integrate gender, equity and social determinants into health and public health systems and design including looking at the connections between health and other sectors. She also has experience working as a consultant with other agencies, and in the last 6 years on a project documenting approaches to social participation in health and evaluating impacts of participatory approaches on health.

Sarah’s background is in applied research on health equity policy, evaluation, and monitoring. She has Master’s in Public Health and worked for national and state governments in Australia particularly with a focus on developing intersectoral policy and strategy responses.

As part of the Social & Cultural Dimensions of Health Systems team, Sarah will focus on the practical integration of equity, gender and wider determinants into public health and health systems for greater inclusion and improved health outcomes for all.

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