Daniel Roitman

Thesis title

How do health systems change during periods of rapid economic growth?

Description of PhD Project

Rapid economic growth rarely benefits everyone in a society. However, it does provide an opportunity to improve standards of living by increasing investment in social systems such as health and education.

The period 2000-2019 saw some countries experience unparalleled rapid economic growth, but what happened in their health systems? Daniel’s research seeks to examine health financing changes in twenty ‘rapid growth’ economies to examine whether their systems became more publicly or privately financed. The next stages of research will use comparative analysis methods to examine policy approaches in countries that increased public investment versus those that saw increased out-of-pocket spending.

These insights can then inform policymakers in countries experiencing or anticipating rapid economic growth by identifying best practices (or avoidable missteps) on the path towards universal health coverage.


Professor Barbara McPake

Professor Ajay Mahal


Daniel is a practicing pharmacist and Deputy Chief Allied Health Officer at the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care.

Daniel has worked for both Commonwealth and Victorian governments in a variety of health reform roles and recently held an executive role in the Victorian government COVID-19 Policy and Strategy Branch.

He holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Monash University and a Master of Public Health from University of Melbourne, where his research thesis proposed ways Australia’s primary care system could move away from fee-for-service towards a blended payment model.

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