Nossal Institute for Global Health Research Units

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Our research units in the Nossal Institute for Global Health are improving the public health and futures of vulnerable communities through global health research, education and inclusive development practice.

Health Systems Governance and Financing

The Governance and Financing Unit (GFU) aims to strengthen the foundations of health systems – their governance, funding arrangements and policy frameworks – to better support the delivery of effective services and programs.

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Maternal, Sexual and Reproductive Health

The Maternal, Sexual and Reproductive Health Unit promotes equitable access to quality maternal, sexual and reproductive health services via programmatic, educational and research-based initiatives, with a focus on building health systems to more effectively reach under-served populations in low and middle income countries.

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Non Communicable Disease Unit

The Noncommunicable Disease Prevention and Control Unit has recently located to the Nossal Institute for Global Health and has combined with the existing world-class expertise and capabilities of Professor Brian Oldenburg and his team.

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One Health

One Health describes the interactions between the well-being of humans, animals and the environment. We subscribe to a vision where One Health is a comprehensive way to understand and support a community’s livelihood security.  Livelihood security requires good family nutrition, health, equity, and economic and habitat security.  

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