The Disability Inclusive Health Services Toolkit

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A key objective of the WHO Global Disability Action Plan 2014–2021 is to remove barriers and improve access to health services and programmes for people with disability.

People with disability have unequal access to health-care services, have greater unmet health-care needs and experience poorer levels of health compared with the general population. Health systems frequently fail to respond adequately to both the general and specific health-care needs of people with disability. In order to achieve global aims of universal health coverage and health for all, access to health care must be inclusive of people with disability.


The Disability-Inclusive Health Services Toolkit was developed to provide practical guidance for health facilities throughout the Western Pacific Region, on how to identify and address barriers to health services for people with disability.

Training Package

As an extension to the Toolkit, a Training Package is being developed to enable knowledge translation and application of the Toolkit content. The Training Package has been developed and tested in collaboration with the WHO Mongolia country office.

It is intended that the Training Package will be used by health care workers, health facility managers and Disabled Person’s Organisations to enhance disability-inclusive practices in health care, so that people with disability can access and benefit equally from these services.


Fleur Smith

Emma Fawcett


Cathy Vaughan, Centre for Health Equity

Liz Gill-Atkinson, Centre for Health Equity

Pacific Disability Forum

People with Disability Australia


This project was funded by the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for the Western Pacific

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The Disability Inclusive Health Services Toolkit was published by WHO  in 2020

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Designing disability-inclusive virtual healthcare Disability, Inclusion and Rehabilitation

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Disparities, disadvantage and effective health care

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