#Navigating Health

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Access to health systems can be difficult for patients, and access to managing their healthcare needs is often fragmented. A shared care approach uses the skills, knowledge and experience of a patient, carer and the health professionals who share joint decision making for an individual’s care. We talk about patient-centred care but we do not have patient-centred systems.

Our Vision

Simplifying healthcare complexity. Right Patient, Right Care, Right Time, Every Time.

About #NavigatingHealth

The CSIRO Future of Health 2018 Report cites that the health system will shift but the current lived reality is that patients face complex health systems which are often difficult to navigate with particular challenges transitioning across levels of health care.

#NavigatingHealth is a policy and advocacy project co-travelling an international doctoral thesis. The aims of the project are to streamline the silos and address the fragmentation by bringing together all those who are developing solutions to enable patients and carers to better navigate healthcare journeys. Through creating visibility by sharing stories & approaches, we are building community and sharing thinking to address these complex problems.

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Siân Slade

Professor Barbara McPake

Research Group

Emerging Programs in Global Health

School Research Themes

Disparities, disadvantage and effective health care

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Nossal Institute for Global Health

MDHS Research library
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