Improving Cattle Health and Production in Myanmar

Project Details

Mynamar woman standing in rural farmyard with a white cow in the background

In Myanmar’s Central Dry Zone (CDZ) cattle are traditionally an important source of draught power, transportation and manure to fertilise crops. Around half of Myanmar’s 15 million cattle are located in the CDZ.

Farming in Myanmar is undergoing significant transformation and it is expected that demand for draught cattle will reduce rapidly as mechanisation increases. At the same time, there is increasing
demand for beef to supply domestic and external markets.

Scientists from the Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department (Myanmar), Yezin Agricultural University (Myanmar), the University of Veterinary Science (Myanmar), the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (Australia) and the University of Melbourne (Australia) are working together to identify and test options to improve animal management and production in the CDZ.

Project Objectives
This project has four objectives:

  1. Identify the opportunities and constraints for smallholder farmers to develop a beef enterprise.
  2. Develop feeding systems to support breeding and growing cattle
  3. Develop cattle health and management systems to meet farmer production goals.
  4. Use whole-farm modelling and participatory approaches to quantify potential impacts of improved forage and animal management packages on household livelihoods


  • Dr Angus Campbell


  • Dr Dianne Mayberry, CSIRO Australia
  • Dr Mying Naing, Director, LBVD, Nay Pyi Taw
  • Dr Kyaw Kyaw Win, Head, Department of Agronomy, YAU, Yezin
  • Dr Aung Aung, Head, Department of Physiology and Biochemistry, UVS, Yezin


Research Outcomes

Online Gender Workshop 
This workshop is designed to help research students and staff across the agricultural disciplines think about how gender is relevant to their research and fieldwork and how they might start to incorporate gender into their research planning.

Research Group

One Health

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Nossal Institute for Global Health

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