Digital Storytelling for Evidence-informed Advocacy

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Three people are in a living room. The screen of  a video camera is in the corner of the image. A dark haired man leans against a pale wall he is talking to a woman sitting on a couch. A second woman sits on the titled floor. The women wear headscarfs

Advocacy is central to the work of Organisations of People with Disabilities (OPDs), but they are not always equipped to appropriately collect, apply, and communicate evidence in their work. This limits uptake and impact of advocacy efforts.

In this project we will train Fellows from four Indonesian OPDs to develop digital stories for  evidence-informed advocacy. One group will also be training to provide ongoing training to other OPDs in their network.

Trainees will return to their home districts in Indonesia with the skills to create digital stories to increase the effectiveness of advocacy for disability inclusion.


Dr Kate Neely

Felix Kiefel-Johnson




DPD Gerkatin

Pemuda Inklusi Indonesia


This project is funded by DFAT through the Australia Awards, a prestigious international Scholarships and Fellowships.

Research Outcomes

After returning to Indonesia, SAPDA supported Fellows from other OPDs to produce digital stories based on interviews with women with disabilities about a key issue.

Watch the videos produced.

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Disability, Inclusion and Rehabilitation Designing disability-inclusive virtual healthcare

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Disparities, disadvantage and effective health care

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Nossal Institute for Global Health

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