Economic analysis of One Health implementation in Central Asia

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A wooden cart loaded with a green crop  is moving away on a dirt road in a rural Asian Location.

Central Asian countries face regional animal and human health challenges. They need to prepare for future pandemics, and address new opportunities and threats associated with increasing animal production and transborder movements of animals and their products. These issues span the human health, agriculture and environment sectors, and need a ‘One Health’ approach that recognises they share causes—and so require shared solutions.

At the same time, regional collaboration is needed to develop prevention and control systems on a scale that single-country strategies are not able to achieve.  The Governments of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan will develop a Regional One Health Framework for Action to protect food systems and prevent future pandemics in Central Asia.

This project will formulate recommendations for priority investments that would contribute to pandemic prevention and preparedness, prevention and control of zoonoses (diseases that pass between animals and humans) and Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), and food safety.

The project will develop ways governments can assess the economic benefits of One Health, encompassing a range of direct and indirect potential returns on investment in animal, environmental and public health.

The tools, case studies and recommendations for resource allocation we deliver in consultation with counterparts in the Agriculture, Environment and Health sectors in the five Central Asian countries will go on to support development of the Regional One Health Framework for Action in mid-2023.


Dr Angus Campbell

Alison Macintyre

Dr Justin McKinley



This project is funded by World Bank

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