Strengthening the impact measurement of MMV investments

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Since 2000, global malaria control efforts have made significant gains, averting an estimated 1.5 billion cases and saving 7.6 million lives across the world. Despite this progress, there were an estimated 229 million cases of malaria worldwide and 409,000 deaths from malaria in 2019 (WHO) and these numbers are expected to have risen since then due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) is a leading not-for-profit public-private partnership focused on antimalarial drug research, which was established in Switzerland in 1999. Its mission is to reduce the burden of malaria in disease-endemic countries by discovering, developing, and delivering new, effective, and affordable antimalarial drugs. Until now, the impact of its investment in antimalarials has been estimated through relatively narrow means - by calculating the number of lives saved or protected based on the volume of drug as reported by the manufacturers and results from various clinical trials. MMV would now like to strengthen the way it estimates its impact, looking more broadly at both direct and indirect measurement approaches.

Nossal Institute for Global Health and the Cambridge Economics Policy Associates (CEPA) will conduct a review of current impact measurement approaches and make recommendations for strengthening MMV’s routine evaluative practice. Specifically, the project will assess MMV’s performance in line with its mission and suggest a new set of indicators and measurement methodologies which will also boost value for money measurement and enable more sensitive strategic review of MMV’s work.


Clare Strachan


Cambridge Economic Policy Associates


This project is funded by Medicines for Malaria Venture

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Health Systems Governance and Financing

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Prevention and management of non-communicable diseases (including cancer), and promotion of mental health, Data science, health metrics and disease modeling

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Nossal Institute for Global Health

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