Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Pro-Poor Policy—The Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI)

Project Details

The Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI) is a partnership between the Australian and Indonesian governments to build the capacity of knowledge suppliers and users for evidence-informed decision making in Indonesia. The overall goal of the program is for Indonesia to increase its capacity to develop effective and socially accountable policies that meet priority development needs. The partnership is a long-term venture which begun in 2013 and is expected to continue into 2022. The key consortium partners involved in the program are:

  • Department of Foreign affairs and Trade (DFAT)
  • Government of Indonesia
  • Nossal Institute Limited
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
  • Australia National University
  • Research Triangle International (RTI)

The Nossal Institute’s role has been the management of the project and a liaison point for inputs into KSI from across the University of Melbourne. The Institute has provided technical and operational expertise across KSI’s key initiatives including:

  • University lecturers: incentives for quality policy research
  • Policy analysts: translating and building demand for evidence
  • Support for Policy Research Institutes/Indonesia Development Forum
  • Media engagement
  • Program management: monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • Gender equality and social inclusion

Research Group

Health Systems Governance and Financing

School Research Themes

Prevention and management of non-communicable diseases (including cancer), and promotion of mental health, Data science, health metrics and disease modeling

Key Contact

For further information about this research, please contact the research group leader.

Department / Centre

Nossal Institute for Global Health

MDHS Research library
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