Centre for Health Equity

Using social, behavioural and public health expertise to create and exchange knowledge that fosters health equity and wellbeing

Child and Community Wellbeing Unit

The Child and Community Wellbeing Unit builds evidence about systemic and service-based opportunities to promote positive health and wellbeing for children and their families; and to support communities to thrive in times of stability and to adapt and grow in response to disruption.

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Disability and Health Unit

Our vision is for better health and wellbeing for people with disability and long term health conditions. We generate evidence to improve the health and wellbeing of people with disabilities by focussing on the social determinants of health.

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Gender and Women's Health Unit

The Gender and Women’s Health Unit aims to improve the health of women, their families and communities through high quality teaching, research and knowledge exchange. The Unit’s work contributes to knowledge about the health effects of gender inequity and its intersection with other social, economic, cultural, psychological, and biological factors.

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Health Humanities and Social Sciences Unit

The Health Humanities and Social Sciences Unit brings together the humanities and social sciences in the study of health and health care. The Centre uses multi-disciplinary approaches to strengthen the nexus between theory and practice in the study of health and society.

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Indigenous Eye Health

The Indigenous Eye Health Unit aims to Close the Gap for Vision for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through world-leading research, policy formation, advocacy and implementation.

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Indigenous Health Equity Unit

The Indigenous Health Equity Unit is committed to research and teaching that is underpinned by principles of Indigenous community development and that will lead to long-term improvements in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

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