Maternal, Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Research Overview

We support countries to fulfil the Global Strategy for Women, Children and Adolescents 2016-2030. Our goal is to build strong health systems that will provide timely, quality maternal, sexual and reproductive health (MSRH) services that are acceptable, affordable and accessible for all.

From 2017 - 2021, we aim to:

  1. Work with governments and development partners to design, implement and evaluate initiatives to improve maternal, sexual and reproductive health service quality and utilisation.
  2. Undertake rigorous research to generate evidence for better MSRH outcomes.
  3. Create a capable health workforce through education, training and practical interventions.
  4. Strengthen monitoring and reporting of maternal, sexual and reproductive health in order to measure progress and identify needs.


Prarthna Dayal - Senior Technical Advisor
Mohammad Enamul Hoque - Research Fellow
Associate Professor Michelle Kermode - Associate Professor
Dr Matthew Reeve - Technical Advisor
Brigette Tenni - Senior Technical Advisor