Kirsty Teague

Technical Advisor

Kirsty Teague

Kirsty brings a wealth of experience in paediatric therapy, community development and public health to the Maternal, Sexual and Reproductive Health team. Kirsty's key interests are in child development and disability, early intervention, community and family level enablers for health, evidence–based contextualised program design and implementation, and health system strengthening.

Kirsty has been involved with developing services and support for children with disabilities in Azerbaijan and rural Tamil Nadu, India, and several community level family, youth and child development, health and wellbeing initiatives within Australia and the UK.

Prior to joining the Nossal Institute, Kirsty worked on a collaboration with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and Ministry of Health, Fiji, exploring ongoing development of services for children with disabilities and their families. She was involved in multi-sectorial stakeholder engagement, leading to collaborative adaptation and implementation of an evidence-based intervention of caregiver support for children with disabilities.

Kirsty holds a Master of Public Health from University of Melbourne and Bachelor in Occupational Therapy.

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