Andi Halfpapp

Program Officer

Andi Halfpapp

Andi is a knowledge transfer specialist with a passion for accessibility and equity.  She has experience within the arts and education and a keen interest in the health sciences.

Andi has been an Educator, Curator, and Project Co-ordinator; facilitating effective communication and understanding between seemingly divergent groups and audiences. Her value for knowledge and relatable communication methods enables her to develop effective learning experiences across a range of subjects and within varied learning environments.

Prior to joining the Nossal Institute, Andi was delivering tertiary education units in an adult learning context with a diverse cohort of students entering academia. Her role included cultural contextualisation, sociology, text analysis, and academic communication skills.

Andi’s has a Masters of Arts (Research), Graduate Diploma of Education (Senior), and a Graduate Certificate of Tertiary Education from Queensland University of Technology.