Pandemic Tradeoffs: Version 5, November 2022

Latest modelling shows that ongoing vaccination and PHSMs continue to be key components of the COVID-19 pandemic response.

The COVID-19 pandemic is well into its third year, with ongoing SARS-CoV-2 transmission driving significant morbidity and mortality globally. Given the tradeoffs often inherent in pandemic policy, it is important moving forward that the benefits and costs of interventions are rigorously and systematically compared.

In response to these needs, we developed an integrated epidemiologic and economic simulation model to determine the optimal pandemic policy response. This tool allows you to explore key insights from our simulation modelling, as well as to modify modelling assumptions to determine the optimal policy using alternative ranking criteria, and under different future SARS-CoV-2 variant scenarios.

For detailed information about our model, its structure, input parameters, and main results, access the visualisation tool and the accompanying paper below.

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