COVID-19 Pandemic Tradeoffs

The COVID-19 Pandemic Tradeoffs online data visualization tool, periodically updated for new data, gives estimates of infection/hospitalisation/ICU/death rates, and time in lockdown, for 100s of scenarios for varying vaccine coverage, in-country suppression strategies and expected daily cross-border quarantine-free arrivals of vaccinated but infected people.

COVID-19 Pandemic Tradeoffs sits on top of a bespoke agent-based model of COVID-19 transmission in Victoria, integrated with PMSLT  functions for quantifying long-run health and cost impacts.

To learn more, please check out the official COVID-19 Pandemic Tradeoffs website.  The website provides a series of modelling studies, and end-user tools, on various COVID-19 policy options (e.g. border controls, suppression strategy). It is constantly updated to include future scenarios of suppression, vaccination, and mask strategies for possible scenarios of a new variant (varying in terms of infectiousness, immune escape, and virulence).