We provide free tools that answer basic questions, as well as more sophisticated tools developed through consulting projects and collaborations

Interactive tools

In an effort to improve public health literacy, SHINE develops and maintains free interactive tools to illuminate the nuances of important public health issues. This involves application of diverse micro- and macro-simulation modelling techniques to explore trade-offs involved with complex public health decision-making, in a way that is accessible and easy to understand by all - not just the public health academics and experts. Explore these tools below, or contact us if you have an idea for a new tool that addresses a salient or poorly understood public health issue.

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Customise your product

For evaluations beyond those that can be retrieved from the above tools or where the user prefers us to generate the findings, SHINE undertakes bespoke quantification of intervention impacts and other services. Explore these resources below, and contact us to arrange a consultation for bespoke analysis.

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