PRedicting the population health economic IMpact of current and new CAncer Treatments (PRIMCAT)

Project Details

PRIMCAT is a Commonwealth funded multi-institutional research program that will support the decision-making processes of Australia’s Health Technology Assessment (HTA) agencies. It will provide evidence-based, internationally validated forward estimates of the number of Australian patients who may benefit from new cancer treatments and the associated population health economic impacts for the health system.

Australia’s HTA agencies have raised uncertainty in these numbers as a health policy concern that complicates the listing of new cancer treatments in the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS).

Engaging consumers, international advisory panels and Australian experts across leading research and medical organisations, PRIMCAT will use a data-driven modelling approach to answer these questions for three nominated cancers (colorectal, melanoma and non-small cell lung cancer) and two pan-cancer mutations ahead of listing in the PBS and MBS.

PRIMCAT integrates horizon scanning to identify new cancer treatments expected in the next 5 years and will estimate their proposed use under different scenarios.

PRIMCAT is led by Professor Maarten IJzerman (UMCCR, MSPGH) in collaboration with Professor Yuting Zhang (Melbourne Institute), Dr. Koen Degeling and Dr. Fanny Franchini (UMCCR, MSPGH), Professor Sallie Pearson (the University of New South Wales), Professor Peter Gibbs (WEHI and Western Health), and Professor Benjamin Solomon, Professor Grant McArthur, Professor Stephen Fox and A/Professor Jayesh Desai (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre). PRIMCAT will draw on the world-leading expertise of a number of associate investigators, consumer representatives and international peers selected for an advisory board.


Professor Maarten IJzerman
Professor Yuting Zhang
Professor Peter Gibbs
Professor Sallie-Anne Pearson
Doctor Koen Degeling
Doctor Fanny Franchini
Professor Benjamin Solomon
Professor Grant McArthur
Professor Stephen Fox
Associate Professor Jayesh Desai
Professor Adam Elshaug
Professor David Roder
Marliese Alexander
Professor Sean Grimmond
Sophy Athan
Doctor Jennifer Soon
Doctor Yat Hang To
Doctor Benjamin Daniels
Doctor Judith Liu
Sophie O’Haire
Karen Trapani


Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre
Melbourne Institute
University of New South Wales: Centre for Big Data Research in Health


MRFF Grant number:1199701
Funnding period: 2020 – 2023

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Data science, health metrics and disease modeling

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Centre for Health Policy

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