Associate Professor Angus Campbell

One Health, Head

Angus Campbell

Angus is a livestock veterinarian with a strong interest in sustainable livestock production systems and international agricultural development.  He is a European veterinary specialist in Small Ruminant (Sheep and Goat) Health Management, and has been Senior Lecturer in Ruminant Medicine and Production and a Senior Veterinary Consultant in the Mackinnon Project (Melbourne Veterinary School) for over 15 years.

Angus has worked with sheep and beef farmers, and corporate agribusiness throughout south-eastern Australia to improve livestock health and management, address human-animal disease interaction, and evaluate animal health economics and farm profitability.  Internationally, he has worked on agricultural development and research projects in Myanmar, Pakistan, Nepal and Tajikistan.  There, he uses systems-based approaches to address issues affecting smallholder farming families, including improving animal production and health to benefit household incomes and livelihoods, evaluating livestock value chains, managing infectious disease including zoonoses, and delivering extension and training to diverse farming communities.

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