Professor Linda Rae Bennett

Education and Learning, Head

Linda Bennet

Associate Professor Linda Rae Bennett is a medical anthropologist who focuses on reproductive and sexual health and rights, gender based violence, and gendered health inequities. Over the past two decades she has worked in multiple countries in Asia and the Pacific, and is a global leader in research on sexual and reproductive health in Indonesia. She is Head of the Education and Learning Unit at the Nossal Institute.

Linda is passionately committed to research capacity building both in Australia and abroad, and enjoys facilitating research training that demonstrates how qualitative and quantitative techniques can work together to produce rigorous outcomes with strong policy applications.

Linda’s current research includes an ARC Discovery project on reproductive cancers in Indonesia, investigating the health system response to HIV and AIDS in Indonesia, and ongoing research into infertility and health inequities. Her translational research has involved identifying barriers and solutions to women and youth accessing high quality reproductive and sexual health services, and designing methodologies for measuring the achievement (or neglect) of human rights in health contexts. She has also made important contributions to understanding the nexus between the health work force and patients in specific cultural contexts, as well as identifying gaps in health worker skills in order to inform the health education and training they require to respond to ever changing health priorities.

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