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For organisations that influence public health policy and practice, evidence plays an important role in decision making. We conduct reviews for public health interventions, conduct knowledge translation research, and train and advise organisations on all things evidence and research-related. We aim to empower people from a variety of sectors to get more value from their research investment.

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Organisational overview: Areas of activity

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Our Brand and Logo

The Public Health Insight brand comprises a name, position statement and icon. Reading from top to bottom the icon can be seen as a funnel representing the process of selection, synthesis, connection and interpretation: experts carefully selecting from different information sources, accounting for differences and influencing factors, synthesising complex input, connecting cause and effect, and interpreting data to create an insight that can be put to practical use.

Visually this is expressed by the implied link between the white line and the first letter of the word ‘Insight’. Reading from bottom to top, the icon can be seen as a tree, the line branching upwards and outwards to represent the process of learning and training: connecting people to new sources of knowledge and developing skills, and the process of dissemination; spreading research results that contribute to better public health.

Position statement

Inclusive research for healthier decisions is the statement that defines the Public Health Insight approach and position relative to other research organisations. The word ‘inclusive’ refers to insights gained from a more comprehensive approach to research that considers questions of public health from a range of perspectives and includes different viewpoints.

‘Healthier decisions’ refers to decisions made by policy makers, practitioners and populations. The phrase alludes to decisions based on evidence as being more healthy, and that these decisions will lead to better public health.

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