That decision-making of relevance to public health will be informed by high-quality, timely research evidence


To facilitate the production and dissemination of public health evidence reviews on the effects of interventions addressing social and economic determinants of population health, with a focus on equity. To ensure that evidence reviews meet the needs of end-users, Public Health Insight will work strategically with stakeholders to improve the quality of relevant research, increase the relevance and usefulness of reviews, and develop the capacity of the workforce to engage with and utilise public health knowledge and evidence.

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Cochrane Public Health

Vital to the work of Public Health Insight, Cochrane Public Health (CPH) works with individuals and teams internationally to produce and publish Cochrane reviews of the effects of population-level public health interventions. We support, facilitate, edit and publish systematic reviews of population level interventions that address the structural and social determinants of health, qualitative questions relevant to public health, and other questions that need an unbiased thorough approach for publication on The Cochrane Library.

Together with networks and locations in Europe, the United Kingdom and South Asia, we train, support and build the capacity of author teams locally and internationally.

We also develop and adopt appropriate communication and dissemination strategies to ensure CPHG published reviews have an impact on policy and practice development and continue to advocate for high quality research, evaluation and evidence.

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Jack Brockhoff Child Health & Wellbeing Program

Public Health Insight has evolved into a diverse team of public health professionals who have experience in primary research, applied evaluations, secondary synthesis and knowledge translation. This has largely occurred within the research environment of the Jack Brockhoff Child Health and Wellbeing Program within the Centre for Health Equity, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health. Under the late Professor Elizabeth Waters' leadership, the mutually beneficial relationship between the two programs ensures that Public Health Insight has ongoing links to primary public health research and knowledge translation in applied research.

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Upholding a legacy

The team at Public Health Insight were saddened by the passing of it's founding Director, Professor Elizabeth Waters in September 2015. Committed to knowledge translation and community engagement, Liz and her team worked in partnership with a wide range of policymakers, practitioners, communities, families and children, with the deliberate intent to generate relevant, useful evidence and apply evidence to decision making and practice. Thanks to her vision and leadership, Public Health Insight will continue her legacy of generating and promoting the best quality evidence for public health decision making.

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