Replanting the Birthing Trees to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents and babies

Intergenerational trauma is a root cause of health inequities, and addressing this is essential for Closing the Gap. Trauma-integrated, culturally safe and skilful continuity-of-care for parents experiencing trauma and violence is a serious service gap and a national priority.

Aunty Dr Doseena Fergie OAM talks about working in two worlds.

Professor Cath Chamberlain gives an overview of the project.

This is a highly innovative, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led project.

We aim to help parents in achieving their hopes and dreams for a happy, safe and healthy family. Our focus is on transforming compounding cycles of intergenerational trauma and harm to positively reinforcing cycles of nurturing and recovery. Our attention is on the critical life course transition of a baby’s first 2000 days.

The project will address critical, documented gaps in perinatal care by building infrastructure for culturally safe, trauma-integrated, holistic, transdisciplinary perinatal care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.

In doing so, we will drive health system reform and establish a transformative shift in health policies and practice. Ensuring that all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander babies have the best possible start to life.

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