Polis is an innovative online platform for research and democracy.

It is an interactive tool for understanding of what large groups of people thinkin their own words, and displaying patterns of agreement and disagreement in real time.

Polis has been carefully designed to help communities have more productive and nuanced discussions, “crowdsourcing consensus” on contentious issues while also respecting diversity of opinion.

Polis@UOM is a version of Polis that has been set up at University of Melbourne for staff and students at the University to use the the platform to facilitate online conversations using this cutting-edge platform.

Polis@UOM is similar to the public version of Polis (see pol.is). The most significant difference is that Polis@UOM data is securely stored within the University of Melbourne's IT infrastructure.

More information:

Polis@UOM standard moderation protocol

What's behind the Polis visualisation?

Polis@UOM Privacy Information

More information for UoM staff and students

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