Polis conversation moderation

To ensure the conversation remains respectful and productive, the researchers will be moderating comments according to the following criteria (which may be modified over time, as this is a pilot process). Comments will only become visible to others once they have been approved.

Comments will be rejected if they:

  • are off-topic or nonsensical.
  • contain profanities.
  • seek to advertise or spam.
  • duplicate an existing comment – but if there are important nuances that distinguish the new comment, it will be approved.
  • contain identifiable and private information about someone else.
  • may present a risk to participants, including comments that contain hate speech.
  • make claims of fact that can't easily be verified – stick to expressing your views based on your values and experiences, so we won't need to reject or edit your comment.

We may edit comments:

  • if the comment contains multiple ideas – we'll split ‘double-barrelled comments’ into multiple comments, so others can agree/disagree with each.
  • if important typos or spelling errors may limit understanding.
  • to retain the sentiment but remove unverified claims of fact.
  • to reformulate the comment to make it easier for others to agree or disagree with (e.g. 'We should...' or 'The University should...').

Please direct any enquiries to Phoebe Quinn: phoebeq@unimelb.edu.au.