The Health Intervention Impact Calculator (HIIC) is a free online web tool, which has been launched as a protype that allows a given user to input what they estimate will be the change in disease incidence rates by time into the future for a given intervention. The tool then outputs expected: gains in health-adjusted life years, changes in health expenditure, and gains in workforce income (i.e. productivity).  Future iterations of HIIC will allow the user to input changes in risk factors arising from an intervention (e.g. the percentage point change in tobacco consumption or BMI distribution) and run scenarios for multiple countries.

HIIC currently allows the user to input an intervention impact in terms of a change in disease incidence rate, morbidity rate or case fatality rate, and ‘see’ the long-run gains in health adjusted life years (HALYs). In future iterations, HIIC will also include:

  1. The ability to input interventions as changes in risk factor distributions, that will then output HALYs gained from all diseases and conditions causally associated with that risk factor.
  2. Graphical visualization and comparisons of your intervention with ‘real’ interventions (by linking to ANZ-HILT) so you can understand what ballpark of population impact you are in.

HIIC sits on top of sophisticated proportional multistate lifetable modelling (PMSLT) that SHINE has built.

HIIC website coming soon!