Precarious housing and wellbeing: a multi-dimensional investigation

Project Details

This research examines how the bi-directional relationship between housing precariousness and wellbeing varies across population subgroups and over time; sheds light on the dimensions of housing precariousness that affect wellbeing, and vice versa; and considers how policy interventions to effectively minimise negative impacts of precarious housing on wellbeing.

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Healthy Housing Unit

  • Prof Rebecca Bentley (University of Melbourne)

Other researchers

  • Prof Rachel ViforJ (Curtin University)
  • Dr Ranjodh Singh (Curtin University)
  • Prof Emma Baker (University of Adelaide)
  • Mr Jack Hewton (Curtin University)

External lead

Curtin University

Project funding

Project funded by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, 2022

Key Contact

For further information about this research, please contact the research group leader.

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