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The Healthy Housing Centre for Research Excellence (CRE) is a 5-year project funded by the NHMRC from 2020-2025 [1196456]. It involves over 20 researchers from across Australia and the world.

A quarter of Australia’s disease burden is comprised of cardiovascular disease, COPD, anxiety, depression, asthma, falls and injury. All such health issues have been at least partly attributed to housing. Crossing disciplinary boundaries, this innovative CRE brings together the leaders capable of answering questions to address the causes of unhealthy housing in Australia. It is the first and only health-focused Centre internationally to span healthy housing for Indigenous Australians, people in need and the growing population of rental housing tenants. Through the collaboration and connections encapsulated in the Centre, this project will deliver new knowledge through three interconnected research streams:

Life course, prevention and intervention

This Research Stream engages with questions around the short and long term benefits of improving the condition, affordability and security of housing for children and adults.
Stream Leader:
Prof Rebecca Bentley
(University of Melbourne)

Health gains and costs

This Research Stream investigates the health impact of housing interventions, and compares this to other health sector interventions (e.g. screening programs, tobacco control, etc.)
Stream Leader:
Prof Tony Blakley
(University of Melbourne)

Capturing complexity

This research stream asks how we can better measure the effects of exposure to unhealthy housing, and how risk varies across different sub-populations.
Stream Leader:
Prof Emma Baker
(University of Adelaide)

The Healthy Housing CRE is administered from The University of Melbourne in the Centre for Health Policy.

Website: www.healthyhousing-cre.org

Twitter: @Housing_CRE

For enquiries please contact: healthyhousing-cre@unimelb.edu.au


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