DHHS (North Division) Executive Population Health Capacity Building Program

Project Details


This DHHS/Melbourne University Partnership Project involves as team leaders, Dr Helen Jordan and Associate Professor Lucio Naccarella and, as co-facilitators, other staff within the School including Professor Rob Moodie and Dr Fabian Kong. This project adopts a co-design approach with the Department of Health and Human Services, and aims to build capacity of executives within the North Division (DHHS) in the understanding and use of Population Health Approaches to planning, implementation and evaluation and to promote the use of a prevention lens to all work within DHHS.

Key Expertise Provided

  • Leadership skills: Promoting and building capacity at an organisational level
  • Population health approaches to planning, implementation and evaluation


  • Co-design
  • Workshops
  • Evaluation of educational programs using both qualitative and quantitative methods: process and outcomes

Expected outcomes

  • A sustained capacity building model promoting population health approaches and a specific lens across the primary, secondary and tertiary prevention spectrum in planning, implementation and evaluation in the North Division DHHS.


A/Prof Helen Jordan

A/Prof Lucio Naccarella

Professor Rob Moodie

Dr Fabian Kong

Research Group

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Department / Centre

Centre for Health Policy

MDHS Research library
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