More than the sum of my parts

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The experience of disability interacts with that of other socially constructed identities, including those based on gender, ethnicity, sexuality and age. These interactions share individuals' relationships, experiences of discrimination, and access to a range of community resources. This project will involve collaborative development and piloting of approaches to understanding how diverse social identities interact to influence these perspectives and experiences of women with disability in Victoria, specifically in relation to sexual and reproductive health and rights. The project will also foster dialogue with stakeholders to identify priorities for further research implications for disability (and other) policy and practice.


Professor Cathy Vaughan, University of Melbourne
Alex Devine, Nossal Institute
Lucy Healey, University of Melbourne
Dr Piers Gooding, Melboourne Social Equity Institute
Dr Kristin Diemer, University of Melbourne
Assoc. Prof. Deborah Warr, University of Melbourne
Keran Howe, Women with Disabilities Victoria
Jen Hargrave, Women with Disabilities Victoria
Dr Adele Murdolo, Multicultural Centre for Women's Health
Dr Regina Quiazon, Multicultural Centre for Women's Health


Multicultural Centre for Women's Health, Women with Disabilities Victoria, Melbourne Social Equity Institute, Melbourne Law School.


Seed funding from the Hallmark Disability Research Initiative

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Gender and Women's Health Unit

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Disparities, disadvantage and effective health care

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Centre for Health Equity

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