NHMRC Scholarship Announcement

Anna Scovelle will pursue her PhD full-time thanks to a fully funded NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarship, 2020-2023.

Anna's PhD thesis is on gender equality in Australia, specifically exploring the impact of sleep on our health and well-being.  

Over recent years, sleep has gained attention as an important component of health. Interestingly, there is recent evidence that both men and women in countries with greater gender equality report better sleep quality. To date, there has been little research examining how gender (in)equality in Australia affects the health of Australians – and no research to date has explored how gender (in)equality affects Australians’ sleep. Therefore, as part of a larger study investigating the measurement of gender equality in Australia, this PhD project will explore the relationship between gender equality, sleep and health outcomes.

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Anna Scovelle has a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and Master of Philosophy (Psychology) from Monash University.  From 2013-2015 Anna worked as a research assistant and sessional teaching assistant for the School of Psychological Sciences, Monash University. In 2016, she began working in public health research at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health. Her current research focuses on gender and gender (in)equality as social determinants of health, with an emphasis on chronic disease and mental health outcomes. Anna is a Research Assistant in the Disability and Health Unit, in the Melbourne School of Population and Global health at the University of Melbourne.

Anna's supervisors are:

  • Dr Tania King, Disability Health Unit, Centre for Health Equity, Melbourne School of Global Health
  • A/Prof Adrienne O’Neil,  Director of Heart and Mind Research at IMPACT and Deputy Director of Food and Mood Centre, Deakin University
  • Dr Belinda Hewitt, Institute for Social Science Research, The University of Queensland

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