Deirdre McLaughlin

Associate Professor Deirdre McLaughlin is the Deputy Director for the Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative at the University of Melbourne.

Before working at the Data for Health Initiative, Associate Professor McLaughlin was at the University of Queensland for ten years as a Principal Research Fellow and member of the Steering Committee of the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health (ALSWH). In that role, she oversaw the linkages of data from more than 40,000 women who had been followed for 20 years, to administrative datasets, such as Medicare, PBS, and State-based hospital and cancer registries.

In addition to research-related roles, Associate Professor McLaughlin was the Deputy Dean of the UQ Graduate School in 2014, a member of the UQ Academic Board, the Research Higher Degree Coordinator at the UQ School of Public Health, member of the School of Public Health Strategic Committee and Executive Management Committee, as well as retaining a number of Faculty and broader UQ management roles.

Deirdre McLaughlin is a registered psychologist, a member of the Australian Psychological Society and has published extensively on issues related to mental health and women’s health.