Community workshops

We host workshops across Australia to connect with communities and to further our research and project. Browse the programs and workshop reports below.

Co-design workshop 3

Date: 14-15 November 2019
Location: Aborigines Advancement League, Thornbury, Victoria

This workshop discussed findings from qualitative research with parents to co-design perinatal recognition, assessment, awareness and support strategies. It aimed to create research protocols for assessing psychometric properties, acceptability and feasibility.

Download the program for the day [PDF 360KB] and the workshop report [PDF 4.20MB]

Co-design workshop 2

Date: 11 September 2018
Location: Mercure Hotel, Alice Springs

In this second co-design workshop, we discussed:

  1. What broad domains should be included in assessment for Aboriginal parents experiencing complex trauma
  2. Results of discussions with Elders about supporting parents who are experiencing complex trauma and planning for discussion with Aboriginal parents
  3. Information about current initiatives to support Aboriginal parents experiencing complex trauma.
  4. How Aboriginal parents should be asked about complex trauma

Download the program for the day [PDF 748KB] and the workshop report [PDF 4.76MB]

Co-design workshop 1

Date: 28 March 2018
Location: SAHMRI, Adelaide, South Australia

Our first co-design workshop established strong foundations for working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Aboriginal) communities (in the Northern Territory, South Australia and Victoria). It helped with the creation of perinatal screening and support strategies for Aboriginal parents who have experienced complex trauma.

Workshop materials