'Share Your Story': Success Stories


A selection of ‘stories’ of successful activities and significant achievements in Indigenous eye health by individuals, organisations, regional stakeholder groups, and through other collaborations relating to efforts to close the gap for vision.

'Share Your Story'

'Share Your Story' Success Stories and Personal Reflections in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Eye Health (launched 2021)

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'Share Your Story'

Success Stories & Personal Reflections

Inspire others! We would love to hear ‘your story’, share your success, and also your challenges in Indigenous eye health.

Indigenous Eye Health (IEH), is welcoming success stories and personal reflections on any topic that is of interest and relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander eye health and efforts to close the gap for vision. This could include topics relating to eye care in primary care; eye stakeholder collaborations; community engagement approaches and initiatives; workforce development; challenges in coordination and case management; improving outcomes and access to services; health system changes and reform or a patient journey experience.

The success stories and personal reflections allow others to learn of and from your experience and encourage good ideas and successful activities to be taken up by others. Contact details at the end of each story allow others to reach out and connect and discuss in more detail your initiative. We do not need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ let’s use the power of collective and shared efforts to advance Indigenous eye health – please ‘Share Your Story’ and let others benefit from your experience.

If you, your organisation, regional eye stakeholder group or another collaboration are interested in ‘sharing your story’ in Indigenous eye health, click the button below for more information or contact IEH, Indigenous-EyeHealth@unimelb.edu.au | ph (03) 834 49320.

Share Your Story

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Success Stories & Personal Reflections