Our Values


The University of Melbourne’s Indigenous Eye Health Unit (IEHU) was established in 2008 at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health to undertake world-leading research that has established an evidence base and policy framework to address Indigenous eye health in Australia.

IEHU Values 2023

The staff of IEHU established the following values to support and inform our work in March 2023 during Wandha Djerring week in Melbourne. The values were presented to the IEHU Advisory Board in June 2023.

  • Leadership
    • We believe Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander eye health should be in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander hands
    • We support and encourage the development of good allies
  • Innovation
    • We are committed to continual systems improvements that are responsive to needs
    • We will bring fresh energy and ways of thinking and doing in different ways
  • Health as a human right
    • We are committed to the innate right of all people to access health services and to be healthy and well
    • We support WHO universal health coverage – and will work towards improved access and equity with no barriers to care
  • Knowledge
    • We believe in sharing, exchanging and building knowledge
    • We support access to knowledge and value two way learning
  • Community
    • Our reference point is community – our work should be community owned, led and driven
    • We work in partnership with community and ensure diversity of representation and opportunity
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