Adapting the Resources

We strongly encourage organisations to adapt the ‘Milpa’s Six Steps to Stop Germs’ resources.

We have provided artwork (in the download section of this page) and are happy to assist in the process of creating local adaptations of the ‘Milpa’s Six Steps to Stop Germs’ resources. If you have an idea and would like some help bringing that to life, please get it in touch!

We have created a few templates that promote the ‘Milpa’s Six Steps to Stop Germs’ resources you can customise with local people and local messages.

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Templates for Adaptations

Six Step Posters- Blank Template

  • Six Step Poster- Blank Template (PDF)
  • Six Step Cough Poster- Blank Template (PDF)

sample of 6 step adaptation without language

Six Step Card- Blank Template

  • Six Step Card Cloth- Blank Template (PDF)
  • Six Step Card Paper- Blank Template (PDF)

sample of blank 6 step card for adapting

Six Step Image Cards- Blank Templates

  • Kids Image Card Set (PDF)
  • Adults Image Card Set (PDF)

samples of image cards for adaptations

Examples of Resources in use

Katherine West Health Board have adapted the concept of 'Milpa's Six Steps to Stop Germs' by having School Super Heroes to "help keep the trachoma germs away"

sample of adaptation by KWHB

Examples of Adapted Resources

Six Step Image Cards in Ngaanyatjarra Language

  • Kids Language Card Set (PDF)
  • Adults Language Card Set (PDF)

sample of language cardsample of language card

Germs and Ladders Game

  • Younger Kids (Part 1 PDF) (Part 2 PDF)
  • Older Kids (Part 1 PDF) (Part 2 PDF)
sample of germs and ladders game