Wang Gungwu Prize of the Asian Studies Review

Belinda Spagnoletti, A/Professor Linda Bennett and A/Professor Michelle Kermode from the Nossal Institute, along with Professor Siswanto Wilopo from Gadjah Mada University, have been awarded the Wang Gungwu Prize for the best article published in the journal, Asian Studies Review in 2018.

The article, “Moralising Rhetoric and Imperfect Realities: Breastfeeding Promotions and the Experiences of Recently Delivered Mothers in Urban Yogyakarta, Indonesia” delves into the problematic nature of moralizing health promotion messages around breastfeeding, which fails to acknowledge women’s choice, reproductive agency and bodily autonomy.

The Judging Committee noted that 'findings have relevance for policy work on maternal health in Indonesia and around the world.  The judges were particularly pleased to award this prize to a PhD student who has jointly published her research with her supervisory team.'

The Wang Gungwu Prize recognises the best article published in Asian Studies Review in the calendar year.  Co-authors receive a prize of $1,500. Click here to access the article.

Wang Gungwi Prize of the Asian Studies Review

Image: Belinda with focus group participants and local research assistants.