Private Briefing for Alliance Foundation Committee Members with World Health Organisation (WHO)

On Wednesday 5th April, the Global Health Alliance, based at the Nossal Institute for Global Health, hosted a private briefing for Alliance members with Dr Shin Young-Soo, Regional Director, WHO Office for the Western Pacific and Dr Vivien Lin, Director, Health Systems, WHO, WPRO.

Dr Shin is one of the keynote speakers at the forthcoming World Congress on Public Health being held in April in Melbourne this year. Dr Shin is conducting the launch of the Alliance’s Landscape Study and Partnership with the DHHS on Thursday 6th April at the World Congress on Public Health, together with the Victoria Parliamentary Sectary for Medical Research, the Hon Frank Maguire.

Private Briefing Attendees

Pictured from L-R: Dr Angela Pratt, Executive Officer to the Regional Director & Coordinator, WPRO;
Dr Shing Young-Soo, RD, WPRO; Professor Barbara McPake, CEO, Nossal Institute for Global Health;
Dr Vivian Lin, Director, Health Systems, WPRO.

More Information

Misha Coleman