New analysis of Health Equity Funds in Cambodia

A study on the effectiveness of Cambodia's Health Equity Fund program, which subsidises basic health care for the poor, was launched by the Nossal Institute and its partners last month in Phnom Penh.

Lead by the Nossal Institute's Associate Professor Peter Annear, the study examined the program's impact on access to health services by the poor from 2007 to 2015. 

It found evidence that the program was associated with an increase in access to and utilisation of hospital inpatient and outpatient services by the poor, as well as routine consultations at primary health care facilities. Overall the findings are supportive of further expansion of the program.

The study was co-authored by Dr. Keovathnak Khim from the University of Health Sciences and Dr. Por Ir from the National Institute of Public Health in Cambodia, as well as Ellen Moscoe and Dr. Thomas Bossert from Harvard T.C Chan School of Public Health and Tapley Jordanwood from University Research Co. It was funded by an Australian Development Research Award.

Download a copy of the report here.