Dr Tilahun Haregu

Research Fellow

Tilahun Haregu

Dr Tilahun Haregu (MPH, PhD) is a public health researcher, with rich experience in the field of epidemiology and policy challenges of cardiovascular disease since the commencement of his PhD in 2011. As part of his PhD research, he investigated the interrelationships between HIV/AIDS and cardiovascular disease in Sub-Sahara Africa. After completion of his PhD from Monash University, Tilahun undertook a post-doctoral fellowship for two years with Africa’s top-ranked population health research institute, the African Population and Health Research Centre. Tilahun’s current role involves managing two NHMRC funded projects in India of diabetes and hypertension prevention. Tilahun published over 50 peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals, and most of the publications are in line with his research focus on the interplay between cardiovascular disease risk.

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