Kendall Searle Completion Seminar

Cultural adaption of the depression component of the WHO Mental Health GAP Intervention Guide (mhGAP-IG.v2) for Use in Community Healthcare Centres in Shenzhen, China

Presenter:  Kendall Searle

2.00pm Thursday 16 December 2021

Via Zoom

Password:  695978
All welcome

Over the last decade, China has instigated substantive national health system reform and established a new primary healthcare sector. Shenzhen, China’s flagship of innovation, rapidly developed a network of Community Healthcare Centres (CHC) and doubled its medical workforce. Now, under pressure of escalating rates of mental disorders, newly-appointed doctors struggle to identify and manage depressive disorder and most cases remain undetected and untreated. The World Health Organization’s (WHO) mental health gap intervention guide (mhGAP-IG.v2), is a decision-making tool for non-specialists, to support their assessment, management and follow-up of depressive disorder. mhGAP-Ig.v2 offers CHC an evidence-based training resource, however, it requires adaptation to take account of China’s unique healthcare system and cultural response to mental health.

This PhD study places Shenzhen’s primary healthcare sector at the centre of research.

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