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See a list of journal articles and reports recently authored by CHP staff.

Cobiac, L. J., Tam, K., Veerman, L., & Blakely, T. (2017). Taxes and Subsidies for Improving Diet and Population Health in Australia: A Cost-Effectiveness Modelling StudyPLoS medicine14(2), e1002232.

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McKenzie, R., Dunt, D., & Yates, A. (2016). Patient intention and self‐reported compliance in relation to emergency department attendance after using an after hours GP helpline. Emergency Medicine Australasia, 28(5), 538-543.

Priest, N., Perry, R., Ferdinand, A., Kelaher, M., & Paradies, Y. (2017). Effects over time of self-reported direct and vicarious racial discrimination on depressive symptoms and loneliness among Australian school students. BMC Psychiatry, 17(1), 50.

Hall, T. Brophy, L. & Jordan, H. (2016). A report on the process evaluation of the Mind Recovery College. University of Melbourne and Mind Australia.

Hall, T. Brophy, L. & Jordan, H. (2016). A report on the early outcomes of the Mind Recovery College. University of Melbourne and Mind Australia.

Hua, X., Lung, T. W. C., Palmer, A., Si, L., Herman, W. H., & Clarke, P. (2017). How Consistent is the Relationship between Improved Glucose Control and Modelled Health Outcomes for People with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus? a Systematic ReviewPharmacoEconomics, 35, 319-329.

Kelaher, M., Ng, L., Knight, K., & Rahadi, A. (2017). Equity in global health research in the new millennium: trends in first-authorship for randomized controlled trials among low-and middle-income country researchers 1990-2013. International journal of epidemiology. 45(6), 2174-2183

Knight, J., Schilling, C. Barnett, A., Jackson, R., & Clarke, P. (2016). Revisiting the “Christmas Holiday Effect” in the Southern HemisphereJournal of the American Heart Association, 5(12).

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