Health Economics Unit EuroQol grant success: Exploring the use of EQ-5D-3L in measuring population health in China

Professor Nancy Devlin and Dr Tianxin Pan from the Health Economics Unit, in collaboration with Prof Jiaying Chen (Nanjing Medical University) have been awarded an EuroQoL grant to explore the use of EQ-5D-3L in measuring population health and health inequalities in China.

Although EQ-5D instruments have increasingly been used in population health surveys in China, there is a paucity in the literature documenting population health status and changes in health status in the Chinese population. Led by Prof Devlin, this project aims to draw existing national representative data of EQ-5D-5L to generate EQ-5D-3L population norms for China; to investigate inequalities in health across social determinants of health; and to describe changes in population health between 2008 and 2018.

(L-R: Prof Nancy Devlin, Dr Tianxin Pan)