Child Health

Our Unit works with clinicians and other researchers on a broad range of child health themes.

Area leads

Prof Kim Dalziel, A/Prof Ilias Goranitis, Dr Natalie Carvalho

Childhood is a critical period for establishing healthy lifetime trajectories and health economics plays an important role in evaluating programs and outcomes and informing resource allocation decisions. The Health Economics Unit produces internationally leading research in Child Health Economics and works collaboratively with world class clinicians and researchers on a range of child health themes.

The HEU are leading the worlds largest paediatric multi-instrument comparison study (QUOKKA P-MIC) the “Quality of Kids’ Lives Study’ which is testing the performance of paediatric quality of life measures in over 6000 children including those with serious conditions. This will enable high quality HRQoL information to be incorporated in child health economic evaluations.

Key collaborations occur with the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) and the Royal Women’s Hospital. Professor Kim Dalziel is co-Group Leader of Health Services and Economics at the MCRI.

Our health economics research is impacting clinical practice and policy around the world and spans:

  • Assessing acceptability, feasibility and measurement of health-related quality of life in children
  • Using psychometric techniques to test the measurement properties of child instruments
  • Conducting quality of life valuation studies and advancing valuation methodology, including the derivation of health state utility values
  • Eliciting societal and patient preferences and values for health and non-health outcomes in children, including genomics for childhood-onset rare diseases
  • Economic evaluations alongside paediatric clinical trials and cohort studies
  • Exploring the social value of a child QALY and comparing child versus adult QALYs
  • Low and middle-income country-focused child health economics
  • Conceptualising and measuring unmet need for mental health services in children
  • Health economics of child mental health and adversity
  • Health economics and health services research in paediatrics

Related research staff:

Dr Li Huang, Dr Tessa Peasgood, Dr Xinyang Hua, Dr Cate Bailey , Dr Jemimah Ride, Dr Tianxin Pan

Projects Listing

  • QUOKKA: QUality OF Life in Kids: Key evidence to strengthen decisions in Australia
  • Colorectal and Pelvic Reconstruction Service (CPRS): Implementation and evaluation
  • EuroQol: Adapting the EQ-D-Y for children aged 2-4 years
  • Development and Validation of a Preference-Based Index for the PedsQL (PedsUtil). PhRMA Foundation Value Assessment Research Awards, US
  • HRQoL and genomics including impacts on carers
  • Neonatal clinical trials and a Centre for Research Excellence (HIPSTER, HUNTER, PLUSS, SURFS-UP)
  • Economic evaluation of childhood vaccines in the Pacific
  • Allergy clinical trials and a Centre for Research Excellence (LMNOP, PPOIT3, VITALITY)
  • Healthcare services utilization for children: how children use health services and the associated costs
  • Economic evaluation of iron supplementation in infants to prevent anaemia
  • Parental preferences for health and other care for children with chronic medical conditions or mental health problems
  • EuroQol: An Australian Value Set for the EQ-5D-Y
  • Bridging the primary to secondary school transition: intervening to improve mental health and wellbeing
  • Systematic review of outcome measures used in evaluation of school-based mental health interventions
  • Should Medicare fund a rebate for an adolescent and young person’s health assessment in general practice? A cluster randomised trial

Selected Publications


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